Capital Structure Evaluation

Our long history together in banking, raising and investing private capital, and board participation affords us a broad and unique perspective through which to evaluate your capital structure, propose improvements and assist you in executing those proposals.

We are experienced and ready to consult in the following scenarios:

  • Restructuring Debt in a Distressed Situation: Is your current debt structure working for you? We can assist in evaluating options, making introductions and walking you
    through the process of restructuring in a supportive and knowledgeable way.
  • Growth Capital: Are you prepared to support internal or acquisition growth? We understand how growth impacts working capital, equipment and employees and will assist in evaluating your capital structure to support your growth plans.
  • New Project Support: We can assist in the development of a new project plan; seek sources of alternative funding; and make sure that your new project moves your company forward. This can be done through traditional bank debt financing, specialty lenders, mezzanine debt or equity providers.