Community Bank Advisory

Community Bank Advisory Services:

Between Mr. Caballero and Mr. O’Carroll, they brought large bank practices to the community bank space and grew two small banks by over 1,000% each. They most recently executed a successful sale of the last bank they worked at.

Mr. Caballero, as President and CEO of two banks, executed growth plans, raised capital from both private individuals and private equity funds, managed relationships with Federal Regulators, managed relationships with Board of Directors, and became an expert in Corporate Governance.

Mr. O’Carroll, as COO, assisted in evaluation of new technology initiatives, executed growth plans (physical and FTE growth), created incentive plans and aligned goals with
the multiple constituents (Board, Regulators, sales team, executive management, other teammates, etc.)

In Community Bank Advisory Services we would:

  • Evaluate current status and offer suggestions for improvement
  • Evaluate corporate governance and offer suggestions for improvement
  • Evaluate overall corporate goals and work to establish long term plans and objectives.
  • Offer advice on sales process and evaluation
  • Evaluate strategic plan and provide feedback
  • Evaluate organizational structure and provide feedback on segregation, controls and sales efficiency.