Executive Management/CFO

Temporary or Part-time Executive Management or CFO

Through our years of managing businesses in early stage, during difficult times, during growth phases and finally through execution of a sale, we have made many mistakes and many good decisions. In critical times of a business’s life cycle where you have challenges ahead or are dealing with fast growth but are not financially ready to commit to adding expensive full-time staff, we can offer the advice and guidance you need in manageable time blocks.

Additionally Mr. Caballero maintains his CPA certification and can work with a Business who has a strong Controller but has not invested in a CFO. We can step in at a high level and work with the team to provide an “outside” look at the company’s strategy.

In these roles we would:

  • Assist in evaluating the current financial reporting, internal and external, and provide advice and/or recommendations on possible enhancements.
  • Help create key success metrics and develop measurement tools to make sure the business in on track to accomplish established goals.
  • Work on budget and forecasting and developing tools for early observation should the market or opportunities change.
  • Attend executive management meetings as part of the team and work closely with the team as critical decisions are made.
  • Work with the team on execution of business plan should the need arise.
  • Provide buy-side support for potential acquisitions. Evaluate the opportunity from a financial perspective, assist in deal structure and provide guidance through due diligence.