M & A Support

Sell Side and Buy Side Support

In addition to our 50 years of combined experience assisting clients with M&A support, we also raised capital directly, bought a bank and executed a successful sale of the business. We find mid-sized companies tend to have a strong management team, but limited experience in the M&A process. This is likely the only time you will go through this process. It has to go well!

In Sell/Buy side support we would:

  • Ideally begin with a strategic alternatives discussion to evaluate growth opportunities (organic or acquisition) or current business valuation to determine best path forward.
  • Evaluate financial metrics of an acquisition and provide advice on optimal capital structure to execute transaction.
  • Assist companies as they prepare to go to market and guide them through the process. This could be early in the process to help prepare them, so they are ready in a couple of years to sell the business (budget, financial reporting, corporate structure, dashboard reporting, growth strategy, etc.).
  • Work with the company once the decision has been made to sell or acquire another business. In this process, we are essentially a “professional coach” to the executive management team. We will evaluate reports, offer advice or assist with financial forecasting, introduce management to outside resources and prep management for meetings with Investment Bankers and potential buyers.
  • Assist in finding the right professionals (Investment Bank, Corporate Attorney, CPA, etc.) including creating a decision matrix with criteria to help with the selection process.
  • We are not an investment bank and provide no sale execution. We rely on subject matter professionals for the execution of the sale.