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Alternative Health Law Firm

I have known Steve and team from EROC for many years. They are a pleasure to work with, knowledgeable, and very professional. I have referred many clients to Steve, and he adds significant value to the strategic decision process of business owners. Notably, I introduced Steve to a long-time client who was interested in selling their business. He acted as advisor to the owners, discussed alternatives, and managed the process on their behalf, achieving a successful outcome.

Susan Etheridge
Founder and President
Alternative Health Law Firm

Advisory (Ferenc). Mise en Place, Berkeley Beach Club

I’ve worked with the team from EROC for many years and in various economic climates. They are not only always a pleasure to work with, but their professional style and expertise has made us better at what we do. We have used their advisory services to help us evaluate various business expansion options, help guide our companies through COVID 19 issues and contributed to formulating a financial budget for a new real estate development. They carried the new real estate project engagement into their debt placement business, helping us acquire financing for a ground-up construction project in a very efficient manner. Most of all, Joe, Ed and Steve always have our best interests at the forefront of all business decisions.

Advisory (McGonnigal). Ancrum Group, Eagle Transportation

I have worked with Ed and the EROC team for over 3 years. I was introduced to them by our banker when we were looking to upgrade our finance department. They evaluated our current situation and understood our long-term goals. We then started on a plan to accomplish those goals. In addition to strategic planning, they work directly with our accounting team on a weekly basis (even participating in the hiring process) to make sure we remain on track. They are efficient with our time and create value far exceeding our initial investment.

Debt placement (Orsino) (Rococo Steakhouse, Ceviche, Real Estate investor)

It was a pleasure working with EROC Advisors on our recent loan need. Ed and team did a great job of narrowing down the potential lender list, so we didn’t waste our time. They prepared a very clear narrative with the key components so the lenders could make a quick decision instead of getting into an ongoing request for additional information. As a result, I received my loan well within my timeline and with far better terms than I could have gotten on my own. They did such a stellar job; I’ve engaged them for another loan.